22 August 2011

First of all, it is a nice change to have a male lecturer from Singapore after many female lecturers from US. And with all that talk about appreciating numbers, I definitely appreciated Dr Yeap’s (pronounced yah-p) humour. Math cannot be a serious topic.

In just one lesson, I realized that I have changed the way I look at numbers. And this new change is also thanks to one Math problem we had to solve; arranging five numbers  into a cross. I am now able to remember unchangeable rules such as Odd + Odd = Even and would put these in mind when analyzing a question. However, I still am afraid of confirming an answer because I have this fear that there will always be a probability that I am wrong; during the Name Game I was confident the 99th letter will fall on I in Elizabeth’s name, yet I went through all the trouble to count to 99, just to make sure (it falls on I by the way).

I wait for the day when I will confidently say “I have the answer!” and get a problem right 😀


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