23 August 2011

I thoroughly love my new Math teacher! I wish I could relive my primary school days with a teacher as Mr Yeap.

During our first quiz today, I thought Math was depressing because I was trying to apply my “2 Odds get 1 Even” rule but I just could not get a solution! It did frustrate me as it seemed such a simple sum.
But as the lesson continued, I began to enjoy Math again because now I know John does not really need to make fractions of his money, but instead be able to develop a deeper understanding of the Math skills that will help in daily life.

I feel that Math is indeed a very personal topic. I am very used to using let us call it the “umbrella” to do long divisions, and was very confused by the appearance of the “division tree”. In school, do we teach both methods?

My Big Idea of the day: As teachers, we do not teach Math, but we use Math as a tool to teach children.


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