24 August 2011

Today we learnt about Lesson Study from Peggy Foo. From its name, I assumed it was about just studying a lesson; but it was more than that. It was about revisiting the lesson to find something to improve on. Like what Peggy said, there is no perfect lesson. If there is so much as one person who says there is, it is definitely God.
We only went through two case studies, but from these two, I learnt that I need to take note of these in my lessons:

    effective communication
    effective use of manipulatives and materials
    clear and precise open-ended questions
    classroom management
    logical flow/sequence of lesson

As we fixed 5 cubes to form different structures, I realized I lacked imagination. It must be because I never played much with blocks or fix-toys during my learning years.

I have had my cube fix tonight.


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