25 August 2011

I was able to solve today’s quiz! I got the idea for the three solutions by subtracting two from each side, and moving only the numbers that are affected. The multiplication sentence was tough, but hopefully I score the three bonus points.

Today I was very sleepy during class. But I still managed to keep my eyes open. Thank goodness if not I would have missed out on getting a peg!

 The, I shall call it “Multiples of 9 magic” was intriguing. It made me think.

Math is so unique. Some statements or questions look illogical at first sight.

How can these triangles be equal? YET it actually is! And it IS proven to be equal.

Math can very well be a Wonder of its own.

I enjoy doing word problems because I get to do what I like best; reading and imagining! I can actually get hungry solving Math story sums, especially if they are about apples or cookies.

I always thought fractions is only fun when you are talking about pizza. But today I was proven otherwise. And I appreciate today’s lesson because of my Big Ideas of the night:

One, treat the fractions as nouns (Read 2 cookies = 2 fifths).
Two, there are fractions as part of a whole, and fractions as part of a set/a quantity. If we want to divide children up from a group, we do not want to be splitting them up like God making Eve out of Adam.

I am beginning to enjoy Math thoroughly now. Challenging questions, bring it on!


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