26 August 2011

Today was another sleepy day. It was rainy, and cold and TGIF!

I got abit confused with today’s lesson on fraction. The question: 2 fifths ÷ 1 tenth. I could understand how to draw the pizza, but I could not understand why the answer was 4 tenths. It took me awhile to realize that I want to divide the 2 fifths into 10 slices, and not that I want 1 tenth of the 2 fifths. I believe “communism” is the excuse for my inability to “see” reasoning beyond “Fraction is like that because I say so”.

I love squares. Thanks to my secondary school art teacher for introducing Piet Mondrian to us.

And anything that look squarish. Such as

It was thrilling to think about George Pick’s formula. And I have got it.

Google and Wikipedia are so helpful.
So this formula works for polygons with more than 4 perimeter dots. Such as (The answer is 45 square units).

We are down to one last lesson! And I was just beginning to enjoy Math! I look forward to seeing Mr Yeap again in the next Math module!


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