31 August 2011

I was lucky I had time to finish today’s quiz but I think in panic and hysteria, I was writing nonsense by the last story problem….. I thought I understood this question when I invented my story problem about dividing 4L of orange juice into two thirds. For a question such as 4 รท 2/3, a story problem goes something like this: There are 4 cakes in the class. Each students get 2/3 of the cake. How many students are there? It definitely took some time to register.

Before I had time to fully comprehend this concept (the models were very convenient), I had another shock. That the weight I know is actually an amount of mass in newton!

Tip of the day: “If you want to lose weight, go to the moon”.

Before I had time to recover from Shock No. 1, I received Shock No. 2: Do not use the word “weight” with the preschoolers. Instead, use phrases such as “How heavy is this?”, “About how many marbles does this weigh?” This advice will definitely come in handy.

Big Idea of the day: It is enough for preschoolers to be able to tell the time. All the “fill-in-the-hands” paperwork is an invalid form of assessing whether the child can tell time. In fact, no worksheets are even necessary to teach time! Just be able to relate time to a an event in school or home. To think it was so easy!

I look forward to using Earlybird Kindergarten Mathematics as a reference to rearrange my centre’s Math curriculum so that the topics are age appropriate, and most importantly, the teachers are using the right words and teaching the right concepts.


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