Full-time mum’s privilege

I’m sure there used to be a time when parents were in charge, and involved with their children’s education and upbringing. I still remember how my mum spent time with us making dough, playing with us, and bringing us to the market, other than ferrying us to the 2-hour kindergarten programme at PCF.
Fast forward many years; one parent’s earnings are no longer enough for some families’ basic living. So both parents have to work to make ends meet. And when both parents have to work, this means their children spend alot of time in childcare.
Mothers who choose to stay home and concentrate on their children’s academic learning and moral education are penalized with less subsidies.
It seems to have become teachers’ sole responsibilities that every child under her charge becomes the upright and moral citizen that parents want.
As a teacher, I’m extremely tired of doing the parents’ job. All these years of work, I’ve met my fair share of parents who just brush off issues with “yeah he/she’s like that” without any followup action. I can’t parent them, so I can only shake my head in disapproval.
As a mother, I’m lucky to have the skills and knowledge of a preschool teacher to try and bring up my kids to be happy, independent and socially acceptable people. My only regret is not being able to be their mother and teacher full-time. Now I’ve to contend with passing this job to their teachers while I can only do whatever I can with whatever time I’ve with them. Hope I can eventually spend much more time with them; to grow up with them; to guide them; and to be the person they’ll turn to for help.


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