Grandparents’ role in a family nucleus

I’ve never understood my parents’ role as grandparents in my little family of soon-to-be 5.
I don’t understand why they will fault me and nag at me for discipline methods they themselves have used on us when we were young kids.
I don’t understand why then, they need to interfere, when I’m disciplining my own kids.
I’ve always felt “Man! Being a mum is really a crap job.” Because we’re really picking up the crap everybody else is leaving behind.
I got so upset once I told my parents off “Once and for all, you’ll be responsible for the consequences of your own actions!”
Eg 1. Raoul threw a tantrum because he wanted my dad to carry him while he was carrying Raylan. My dad said no although he usually gives in to him. So I walked further up to let my dad settle this issue himself. That’s for NOT listening when I said not to give in to him from the start.
Eg 2. It was Raylan’s naptime so I took the opportunity to rest too. But after he finished his milk, he got up crying by his cot because I didn’t allow him to play. Just because my mum didn’t want to hear him cry, she brought him out to play somemore when he was already so sleepy. Not only did it ruin his schedule that day, she made herself tired as well. I allowed her to do that to herself.

Call me mean or uncaring but I’ve really neither time nor patience to deal with my parents when I’m already busy trying to deal with and correct my children’s bad habits (a direct result of pampering and inconsistent rules).

So I’m glad I came across these articles. This is dedicated to you Mum and Dad.


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